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CEO Sarah Pearson to facilitate interactive mini-workshop at Innovate 2013

Posted 11 February 2013 3:45pm

Our CEO Sarah Pearson is facilitating a mini workshop on 19 February at Innovate 2013 Making Open Innovation work for you to stay ahead of the game. This interactive afternoon covers analysing your organisation and objectives for a successful OI implementation, strategising processes to achieve desired outcomes and how to act now to be prepared for the future.

As the world is dealing with a more and more challenging economical landscape, most businesses are looking for solutions to face the current situation without losing market share and cutting resources. Business, product and service innovations are the tools to overcome these threats. But how do you master your innovation strategies with limited time, budget and resources?

Innovate 2013 is a leading product and service innovation conference in the Australian market demonstrating what has been achieved, how this has been done, the lessons learned and prospects for the future. Delegates will benefit from best practices how to not only survive but most importantly stay ahead of the game. Making the most of dynamic resources, building effective long-term relationships with your business partners and leveraging on opportunities of co-creation to accelerate business growth.

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