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Our Work

Gender-responsive decentralised governance in Asia

Village secretary participating in debate at consultation meeting, Nepal

As part of a USD1million Asian Development Bank (ADB) project, ANUE developed strategies to promote good, decentralised governance and increase women’s participation in policy, planning, budgeting and implementation roles in Cambodia, Indonesia and Nepal.

ANUE was focused on creating strategies that ensured women’s needs were met and their conditions of access were appropriately taken into account in local governance. As a result of the project, local governments would become better equipped with the skills, awareness, and knowledge to act on these strategies on an ongoing basis.

Three expert staff were assigned to the project to provide project management (including stakeholder liaison with ADB, National Research Institutes, National Women’s Organisations and consultants), the organisation of regional consultations, quality assurance, financial management and logistical support.

ANUE worked closely with Technical Advisory Groups (chaired by senior officials from relevant government agencies) which were established in each country to provide guidance and direction, and to ensure national ownership and effectiveness.

Despite operating in a complicated field seen by many as controversial, the benefits of the project are evident and will mature over time. Results of the project continue to identify and support emerging practices ensuring women's equal participation across many areas of local governance.