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Strengthening women’s development planning in Papua New Guinea

Group photo of the Women's in Mining Steering Committee

ANUE supported PNG’s Women in Mining Steering Committee as they strengthened their ability to empower women in mining-affected communities.

Mining plays a big part in PNG's national economy and in mining-affected communities it's important that both decision-making and benefits are shared equitably and sustainably. To empower women to have a stronger voice in these issues, PNG has created the Women in Mining Action Plan, and a steering committee to oversee implementation and monitoring of the plan.

Steering committee members are drawn from the Mineral Resource Authority and PNG Government departments, and they sought advice and training across three main areas – developing an effective implementation structure for the Action Plan, developing a monitoring framework to properly evaluate implementation, and managing a related small grants program.

ANUE worked with the steering committee to understand each member's role and responsibilities under the Action Plan, and to identify what training members needed to be able to meet those responsibilities.

This process led to the creation of a set of indicators the Steering Committee wanted to monitor against the goals of the Action Plan, which is the basis of an annual monitoring plan, and the creation of a Monitoring and Evaluation Toolkit suitable for use by local women's associations in collecting data on the new indicators.